Raw cashew nuts

Cashew nuts are a popular snack and food source around the world. They are like nuts but not really nuts. We export cashew nuts around the world. They are processed and packaged in our factories under the supervision. Whole process from being in nuts to coming into an eatable form is carefully monitored by our process engineers. They go through testing and careful packaging before they come into the market. Both roasted and salted cashews are exported by our company. Keeping in view the requirements of our clients.


Nut count: 170 - 220 per kilogram (depending on origin) 

Out turn: 47 - 53 lbs. (depending on origin) 

Moisture: 10% maximum 

Defective: 10% maximum 

Packing: 80 kg jute bags, one 20 FCL container can take up 
to 210 bags. 

-From March to July: IVC, Benin, Ghana & Burkina Faso 
-From May to February: Guinea Bissau & Senegal